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2020 Vision: seeing the future of child life and technology with clarity
The future is already is just not evenly distributed nor equally understood.
While we have a lot of the routine work to complete in helping the CCLS teams in the field close the gap between what is presently possible and what is currently practiced, we also need a solid group focused on how new technologies may benefit child life services in the future. Our team of child life specialists and technologists are collaborating on projects supporting our “20/20 Vision” for the future so that you will not have to wait till the year 2020. Below is a listing of the special discussions, projects and the vision of these projects.
Calendar of Delivery of 2020 Initiatives

The Child Life Technology initiatives calendar provides a real-time view of both initiatives in flight and a historical perspective of projects since completed.

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click on the calendar above for a real-time schedule of Child Life Technology initiatives

The Child Life Technology App Status Dashboard below provides a quick status of the many application development projects undertaken on behalf of the child life community. Clicking on the dashboard below will redirect you to more details pertaining to each of the development projects.

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Child Life Technology wishes to pay special gratitude to key contributors in the requirements and critical design acceptance phases, Lu Borges, Amanda Moatz, Kia Beickert, Jane Shaffer, Deb Vilas, and Katie McGinnis, for without whose guidance, our esteemed technology colleagues could be doing a wonderful job of implementing the wrong solutions.

We welcome all professionals in the field to alert us to any other exciting opportunities they see on the horizon so that we may drive forward.
We already have some interesting projects within our execution pipeline which belong within the 2020 Vision category, such as:
Google Glass

Google Glass pilot: applications to improve the pediatric patient experience

3D scanning and printing
3D scanning and printing

3D scanning and printing for legacy gifts and art activities

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Android loaner tablets

orchestrating the donation of significant numbers of Android tablets through focused efforts toward tracking viability of sustaining such programs.

Child Life Technology Workshops

led by Gaby Marden, CCLS, Lu, Lou and Kia will be conducting workshop courses for child life colleges in NYC (2014) and Chicago (tbd). We see training tomorrow’s CCLS professionals in the integration of technology and child life practice as a significant step forward in enhancing the options for treating our children.

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Electronic Prep Books

The team has been working one-on-one with many child life individuals and teams in the design and creation of more sophisticated and generic electronic prep books, for specialties such as MRI, so that individual child life teams and their respective hospitals may have creations customized to their respective tastes, specialties and image.
Katie has some very interesting development projects in mind. Please stay tuned to this space…
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CLNet mobile device management and administration

CLNet is an MDM (mobile device management) solution available for Child Life teams and partnering organizations to leverage in simplifying support and administration of mobile devices. A pilot was established using Child Life Technology lab devices (multiple iPads, Android 2.3, standard Windows PCs and a MacBook Pro) in December of 2013.

workspace for the use of Social Media for bringing child life specialists, volunteers, patients and families together.

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Click on the picture to the left for full conference details. the link below provides a copy of our abstract for full day session presentation at the Child Life Council 32nd Annual Conference in 2014, New Orleans. The presentation team is led by Katie McGinnis and includes: Chris Flood, Jane Shaffer, Lu Borges and Lou Riccio.

The Hospital Room of the Future interesting Wall Street Journal article originally published on November 17, 2013. Consistent with CLT 2020 Vision themes, all the major components and features of the hospital room of the future are available today for any parties interested in implementing them now.

Patient Room 2020 Concept nxt health, a non-profit, dedicated to innovation in design toward improved patient outcomes